Wednesday, February 20, 2008

here we are...

okay, so yesterday was your first due date that the doctor's gave us so long ago. then, at our 10 week appointment, after seeing you close up, they gave us the march 2nd due date. but all along, there was something down deep that told me we wouldn't have to wait that long to meet you face to face. i am so excited that you are almost here colin, and your mom and i cannot wait to hold you in our arms and start this grand adventure of parenting. we know that it's going to be rough at times, but it is also going to be the biggest wildest ride of our lives. me and you are gonna have some fun just wait.

today mom started having contractions. not within the threshold of heading to the hospital, but they seem to be getting a little closer together and a little more intense each time. we have an appointment in the morning at 11am and i (and your mom) are hoping that they tell us to go on to the hospital from there. we'll see. at any rate, we're gonna get to see you soon, and it is going to be absolutely amazing.