Monday, April 21, 2008

two months...

today, colin, you are two months old. i can't believe it's been so long! and you are getting so big and strong. mommy said you are trying as hard as you can to push your head up on your own. before long you'll be rolling around and we're gonna be worn out just trying to keep up with you. and we thought it was tough now!

a few nights ago you went seven hours between feedings! mommy was able to get a much needed reprieve from her three hour routine and you got in a over five hours of interrupted sleep! you must have been one tired little man.

we love you buddy!

you've got to be getting at least 24 inches! basketball player?

Friday, April 18, 2008


here are some random pictures of colin over his first couple of months!

loving the mobile...

colin's first easter...or some form of torture?

here you are in your first outing to petsmart! less than a week old!

the fresh prince of the wc

i love this one...


like father like son...

smiles! :)

eight day...

yesterday, colin, you were eight weeks old. in three days you will be two months old. you are growing up so incredibly fast. it's hard to notice any of it on a daily basis, but last night when i was giving you a bath, your legs were hanging over the edge of your little seat/sling apparatus. i remember not so long ago when we were just figuring out the whole bath thing and you were being engulfed by EVERYTHING. now you are finally fitting nicely in your newborn clothes and soon will have to completely retire many of those for the 3 month, then the 6 month. i guess it sort of is a never ending parade of bigger sizes. at least for now anyway.

lately you have been greeting me when i get home from work. not only that, but i think you recognize me as well. when you notice me it is like your eyes are laser beams and i am like the death star or something. okay, maybe a bad metaphor. whatever. you get the idea. your eyes do not want to turn away. not even for a second. regardless of metaphor, i dig it. and i dig you.

also, tonight your mom and i watched juno. i don't think you'll be watching it anytime soon, but it's about this sixteen year old girl who gets pregnant and decides to give the baby up for adoption. anyway, lot's of stuff going on, but great movie. as i was watching it, and watching this mom, no matter how young she is, develop this connection with what was growing inside of her, i thought about you. i thought about every stage of your mom's pregnancy and how deep the connection runs between the two of you. and even for me. although i was sort of a bystander through much of that ordeal, i was still there for the ultrasounds and the kicking and the delivery itself. i created mixes for you before you were even born and started molding your musical mind before you could even open your beautiful blue eyes. and now you are here, more incredible than i ever could have imagined, and we've been right here every step of the way. juno does ultimately give her baby up, but there is air of bittersweet bliss as the new mother, who was unable to have children herself, is finally able to hold a child and call it her own. i don't know if all of these thoughts are anywhere near the director's frame of mind in telling us this story...i'm sure the target was much closer to the 16-22 year old crowd of suburban hipster kids...but as my life is changing and growing, i have perspectives and thoughts that i never even imagined i could have at any stage of life. and i love it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

seven weeks...four days...

from the moment your were born, colin, you had a huge fan club. and ever since, so many people have held you in their arms and felt the joy that you possess. luckily, we were able to capture a few of these individuals on camera. one day, i'm sure you will know many of them as well as you know us. good friend from high school



and her husband, chris...

emily...(who is now preggers herself!! shhh!!)

little kaylie and hannah :)


our neighbor emma with beckett, and of course you and mommy!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

seven weeks...two days...

so today mommy and i bought the first new car of your life, colin. mommy is very excited, mainly because it will be "her" car...but i am looking forward to driving it as well :)  i definitely can't wait for all the adventures we will go on in it!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

seven weeks...

colin, today you are seven weeks old and i cannot believe how quickly time is passing by. in less than two weeks you will be two months old and after that it's only a matter of time before you'll be lifting up your head, rolling around on the floor, and then even crawling around the house and starting to climb out of your crib. who am i kidding? climbing on EVERYTHING you can find :) i'll do my best to make sure mommy let's you be the wild man that you are. here's to the adventure!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

six weeks...five days...[addendum]

colin, just so you know you are surrounded by a family who loves and adores you to no end. take a glimpse at some moments when they first met you...





aunt chrissy and uncle eric

uncle shane

aunt pam

dad, uncle james, and pop pop

auntie sarah

auntie hanhan

uncle joseph

[not pictured: uncle will....hmm, need to get that :)]

six weeks...five days...

colin, as the days and weeks keep on going by, i feel like i am missing you more and more. on one hand it makes me just want to devote even more time to you, but i know that would be forsaking other responsibilities i have -- like providing a house for you to live in and one day a college education -- the latter of which will probably be the bigger commitment! when i stop and think about it though, i realize that it only means that our relationship is only getting stronger with each other. my hope is that you are feeling it too, and my goal is to make the most of the time that i do get to spend with you. i really look forward, though, to tossing your first baseball to you, and watching you score your first basket. but don't let me let you grow up too quickly. for now i'll savor this incredible time with you!

here are more pictures. hopefully soon i'll be caught up to the present.

You were finally being released from the NICU and sent to our room!

Even then you had the cutest faces!

You may not always think it, but you've got two parents who love you very much.

You have no idea how nervous I was driving you home from the hospital -
just not quite as nervous as your mom :)

And finally, you got to see your room for the first time and be introduced to your first permanent home outside of the womb.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

six weeks...three days...

colin, this week you have (unofficially) passed eight pounds. finally you can ride around in the baby bjorn! as promised, i am uploading some pictures to chronicle your life since birth. first though, i do have to say that you are now smiling! mom saw it a couple mornings this week, and this weekend i finally saw it myself, and you are even more beautiful! i had no idea that was possible. tonight i also gave you first bath without crying. i have to admit, mommy did help a little bit -- she had some pointers from her successful bath on friday. i think you're really starting to love this bath thing!

okay, now for what you've been waiting!!!

here you are less than 5 minutes after you were born

already, i was falling in love with you

finally mommy got to hold you at about 30 minutes old!

here i am holding you in the nicu

we really hated seeing you hooked up to all those wires, but still very glad that nothing serious was wrong with you.

tomorrow i will have more pictures to show you. goodnight! :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

five weeks...five days...

as per usual, i am horrible at keeping up with this blogging thing. but colin, this is for you, and i should really step it up, huh? it has now been one month and eleven days since you were born, and what a crazy trip it has been (and it's not even close to being over!). even tonight i am squeezing in this time to write a few words for you to look back on someday. (and maybe for people out there to also stay updated on all the events of your life. i promise in the next few days there will be pictures, and as time moves on, there will be plenty of videos and stories to share as well. for now, how about a quick update on your first month?

isn't it amazing that only a few hours after i wrote that first post, we were on our way to the hospital, and soon after we met you face to face for the first time? i still am completely blown away by how cognizant i was during those few hours (and also how hyped up i was on adrenaline!). after being whisked off to the icu for some breathing problems and monitored for about twenty-four hours or so, we were finally able to hold you in our arms in our own room, without all the wires and monitors hooked up to you. and on top of it all we were able to take you home in your first car ride outside of mommy's belly after only two days in the hospital.

once we were home you had a plethora of visitors (not to mention all the visitors in the hospital). many came to see you at home as well and many saw you for the first time. the next thursday (on your one week birthday) the home team came over and we had a blast.

the first month with you was truly awesome. while there were moments when you were crying and your mom and i looked at each other with no idea what else we could do, the moments when you were smiling in our arms completely made up for it. we have both completely fallen in love with your coos (and other crazy noises you make -- you must take after me on that end...) as well as all of your interesting facial expressions.

there hasn't been a moment yet when we've been scared at all, in fact quite the opposite is true. when i'm with you, colin, i feel incredibly confident, not just that i'm not going to drop you, but confident as a human being. it is incredible how God has designed us, so that i can have such a strong emotional connection to the thing (you!) that i had a part in creating. and the fact that in that aspect, i have fulfilled my life's purpose: to recreate. absolutely astounding.

like i promised there will be pictures over the next few days. i may even illustrate some of the events i've described in this post. i love you so much and can't wait to continue to watch you grow!