Saturday, November 15, 2008

The 2nd weekend.

Still Rebecca here. We're over half way there! I think both Colin and I are a little tired of the hospital. At least I can get out now and then... he is stuck! 

In the last few days we have had nurses "fighting" to be Colin's nurse... one nurse say "I've heard about colin but hadn't seen him yet"... more people talk about how cute he is and how happy he always seems... and one tell us that he is without a doubt the most popular kid on the floor. How did we get such an awesome little boy as a son? I am totally amazed with how incredible he is.  Seriously... colin has been at the hospital for 10 days now, and STILL have such a happy disposition... you'd never know there was anything wrong with him. 

Last night DJ had his first overnighter at the LCH. And tonight is my first night away from Colin since the first day he was born and in the NICU. For almost nine months, I have not gone a single night without him in the other room or right by my side (and technically 18 months if you count being pregnant).  It was hard to leave the hospital tonight, but I know it is good for me (I am going to sleep in a real bed!... and I am trusting Colin's daddy to be in charge!). I pray it is a good night for both of my boys. 

I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has prayed for us, called, and visited us during this time. We feel extremely blessed to have such amazing friends and family.

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