Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So Much For Schedules

Today was an interesting day for Colin. Every time he fell asleep for a nap, someone would come into the room (often loudly) and wake him up. So each time I would lay him down, he was so restless- fighting sleep. Even now, he is down for the night but I keep hearing him stir. And any moment the nurse is going to come in to hook up his IV, and I am sure he will wake up again. Poor little guy. The doctor understood that it's not easy maintaining our normal schedule in the hospital, but he's trying to help! They weigh him every day... and I just found out they were doing it at 4:00 in the morning. I thought it was ridiculous, but they said that's just what they do for kids under 1yr old. Thankfully, our doctor told them NOT to do it until after 7:00am! Maybe Colin will actually sleep all night tonight. We'll see...

He's still doing fine. His breathing is pretty good, his appetite is big, and he's growing every day. Colin did have something exciting happen today. He is starting to babble more, and today he has discovered the "da" sound. It's adorable. He now speaks continuously "dadadadada". One day he'll know what he's saying, but for now, DJ is still pretty excited to hear Colin call for him!

I finally left the hospital today. I didn't really feel like I wanted to or needed to, but everyone wanted me to get out for a bit... so I left. I am sure it's good for me, but I think having a nice view of the world from our room helps me not feel cramped. I get to see the outside world every day through our window. And many friends and family have come to visit. All those things are helping to make our stay here much more pleasant. Nonetheless, I will continue to leave the hospital a few hours as I am able because I know it's suppose to be the healthy thing to do. But all I really care about is being here with my little boy.

Tomorrow we have a chest x-ray in the morning. I think the doctor expects it to look clearer than last week. I'll update once we know a little more! Hopefully Tuesday will be a better day for baby Colin!

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Ginny Alley said...

Love you guys! Sorry I have not been to visit, but I have had a cold and that would not be good for Colin! I'm glad to hear that you have a room with a view and its so neat how the nurses and doctors love Colin! Everyone knows he is a special little man!